For Fans From Fans is…

For Fans From Fans is proof that we are like one big family. Generosity thrives here.


is an extremely generous group of fans who help fans that can’t buy merch have a chance to win some


you’re like a santa who grants children’s wishes. Just like how you grant wishes of *poor* kpop fans worldwide.


friendly and awesome


a must-follow account because behind For Fans From Fans, consists of people who love to spread happiness to K-Pop fans




You guys are amazing! You make kpop fans dreams come true! Love you guys! ❤ All us fans will always support you! Fighting~


an account that gives a chance to those who really need it. they’re so giving & thoughtful


one of the best things to happen to me. I love you angels!


is  [heart]


is the best thing i’ve ever joined




a blessing


beyond fabulous and so giving and generous


a gift to kpop fans and run by wonderful people




amazing and the best! Thank you for all the giveaways you guys have done


is the sweetest and best account. Thank you from all the kpop fandom ❤


an awesome twitter account [.] i have no regret following you


is a great Kpop Account for global Fans


An amazing fan page that makes a lot of fans to have a smile in their faces \^^/


a gift from the gods


is the Yoo SiJin to Kang MoYeon (or the Angel to kpop fans worldwide)


the best account and really nice persons behind it


is one of the best Twitter accounts! They help connect us to Kpop by being amazing people and caring about fans ❤


a blessing to KPOP Fandom.


the best twitter fan page for Kpop fans everywhere and has the most nicest admins and followers to date! 😀


a gift from Heaven!


a blessing to the kpop fandom


a sign of hope


generous and extremely kind for doing these giveaways!


a beautiful thing & sprinkling happiness along the way


inspiring! ^^ You guys are really amazing & help spread joy between fellow Kpop fans ❤




fantastic and makes fan’s dream come true




Awesome! You guys deserved the 8k followers. Congrats.


generous 🙂




is a very nice group of people who helps other Fans which can not afford to get a album.


Is great account that gives kpop fans the opportunity to win their favorite groups merch


is DAE TO THE BAK, DAEBAK. For helping fans all around the globe


an account that unites the kpop fandom


…. Is A Friend


A great organization also known as the Kpop Santa Claus


a miracle to be honest. ♡


[For Fans From Fans] is superb duper awesome!!!




the place where all angels without wings gather to spread love to all kpop stan 🙂




actually the greatest ever??


아주 (Very) nice!






amazing and very helpful to the kpop community


a blessing to all the poor kpop fans all over the world[.]  Y’all are such thoughtful people!


Is the best account on Twitter and I love them


Is amazing account who help fan who can’t afford kpop merchandise. They are generous and very caring to kpop fans.


heaven sent? right.  you’re heaven sent to all kpop fans ~ ^.^


a lovely place for people to be.


I havent thanked this account properly and I believe that the people behind this account are angels sent by God 🙂