Reasons Why We Did Not Accept Your Entry


When entering our giveaways, we often get questions such as, “why did you not favorite my entry?” or “Did you see my entry?”

If we liked your entry then we did see it. If we then unlike your entry, it means you were accepted and recorded.

From now on, we will not accept your entry if you do not follow the rules. These are some reasons why we won’t accept your entry:

  • Your entry is multiple tweets. We will not accept your entry if there is more than one tweet involved. If it is too long, use TwitLonger or screencap/picture your entry and attach. (It is a hassle for the admins to try and find everyone’s connecting tweet when there are too many entries.)
  • You DM us your answer. We will not accept it via DM. It’s unfair to others.
  • You didn’t list where you are from (Or you didn’t include your country when we asked for country not state).
  • You didn’t explain WHY when asked. We sometimes don’t ask and that’s fine but when we do, you are expected to give us “why” to the question.
  • You aren’t from the USA when we state USA ONLY
  • You entered AFTER the deadline
  • You aren’t following us

These are the main reasons we will eliminate you from a giveaway. Please read over your answer and check our post again to ensure you have entered correctly.

Good luck everyone!