Top 5 Ways To Donate To For Fans From Fans!


Many have been asking how they can donate and help For Fans From Fans out, so here are 5 ways others have been helping us grow!

1.) RT Donation

  • RT Donation has been going on for a couple of months and seems to be a big help to us and a cheap way for fans to donate. Most fans choose the “PENNY” donation and after 24 hours, we take the total of RT’s and multiply is by .1 and that’s the amount you donate. (This will not exceed $10 unless you want it too). We recently had a dime donation for every RT & LIKE and a quarter for every RT. It’s all up to you. You make up the limit, you make up the amount. You can send this via paypal or concealed cash. Email us and we will schedule you in!

2.) Fundraisers

  • Our fundraisers are usually made polaroids (high quality ones like our 2015 fundraiser), photostrips which is our 2016 fundraiser. Each fundraiser item is $5 and they made great gifts. All photos are taken by the admins and friends of For Fans From Fans. These don’t happen often but you will see them randomly throughout the year.

3.) Merchandise

  • This is mainly for USA residents since you’d be shipping us the items but if you don’t mind paying for shipping, you can send us anything K-POP related. It can be official albums, posters, cards, slogans etc, or even fan made items you don’t want anymore. We accept any artist and any item. It’s okay if the item is missing something or even a bit damaged as we add things to them. For albums, we just ask that the CD must be there.

4.) Sponsor A Giveaway

  • We hold many giveaways a month. If you decide you want to sponsor a giveaway for a certain month, you can email us in advance and give us the amount you want to sponsor. (Basically, sponsoring an item is paying a certain amount for shipping. Not required to pay the full shipping price unless you want too.) In return, you get to know what we are giving away before it’s announced to the public.

5.) Crowdfunding

  • This happens around once a year. We hold a 2 month long Crowdfunding and many donate $5+. In return, we will send you a thank you letter in the mail. We will announce this via Twitter and post it probably 2-3 times a day to remind fans to donate and help us reach our goal of $500/$1000.

Hope these will give you an idea on how, when and what you can donate. If you just want to Paypal us a certain amount too just to help, that is always accepted and will go towards shipping and items! For everything, you can donate anonymously or we can announce/promote something of your choice. Email us at if you’re interested in donating anything. Every few months, we email those who donated and ask if they’d like to be a part of our ‘Contributors’ page here on the site.