Why K-POP Is Important To Fans!


We’ve been receiving many emails lately from fans who tell us their stories with K-POP! We really love hearing everyone’s different experience and although some of them are sad, they allow us to keep doing what we do. This particular fan emailed us her story with depression and we must warn you, it’s a tough topic but there is a happy ending, thanks to SHINee and Super Junior.

The email reads,

Hello admins! 🙂 I wanted to let you know first how appreciative I am that this site exists. If I’m honest, I’ve never really bought CDs and such before because like most college students I can barely scrape by. But knowing that this website is there to help those like me is a great relief. However, this isn’t why I’m emailing you today

I haven’t always been a KPOP fan. I discovered the Wonder Girls back in 2009 with So Hot and since then I’ve always like KPOP. However, they were something I enjoyed listening to every once in a while. I never followed them on SNS or bought their CDs. I’ve been battling depression since I was 13 and every day it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do in life or if I really cared at all about life. This year marked my 6th year with depression and I made plans to end my life. I made plans to end it on the anniversary of my self-harm because it’s been over half a decade. If I wasn’t going to get better now, I will never get better. Or at least that’s what I thought.

In December, I discovered SHINee and Super Junior. I don’t know if this is silly but they saved my life. Seeing their relationship with each other, how hard they work to achieve their dreams no matter how unfavourable the conditions are made me cry. I never had that connection with anyone before but for some reason watching these boys, or men rather, gave me hope. There was one night just before the turning from 2014 to 2015, I was having a really bad day and I was crying. I listened to SHINee when all of a sudden a song came on. It was “I’m with You” by SHINee and the lyrics hit me so hard. It was a song about someone who was lost. Lost in themselves, lost in the world and they felt as though they had no one. SHINee said “Baby, don’t cry. I’m beside you.” No one has ever told me that they were with me. For all of my life, I’ve gotten used to people leaving but for some reason hearing these words from them touched me.

Perhaps, it’s not just the bands, but I’ve never more grateful before. My dream is to meet these people and tell them how incredibly thankful I am that they were there for me through that time. I want to buy their things, vote for them, support them, and help them achieve their dreams because they saved my life. They gave me hope to continue living and follow my own dreams. This Thursday, July 30, is my first birthday with KPOP. It’s the first birthday that I’m thankful to be alive in a long time. It’s the first birthday that I don’t regret.

I really wanted to share this with the KPOP community. Thank you for reading this.

These types of emails are always welcomed because we know they make you feel better and we know other fans out there could be dealing with the same thing. If you want to email us your story with K-POP, then we’ll be there to listen! Email us any experience you’ve had with K-POP at forfansfromfans@gmail.com. It can be happy, sad, inspirational and more.
We hope to hear from more fans in the future!