For Fans From Fans Collaborates With SubKulture Entertainment!


SubKulture Entertainment, responsible for the BTS TRB tour in the USA agreed to collaborating with For Fans From Fans!

This giveaway has received over 1,000 entries thanks to SubKulture’s participation. We started the giveaway on the 1st of July and it ended after one month on the 31st of July. The team has been very supportive and we’ve been working together to give fans the best giveaway we can.

While For Fans From Fans provided three of the albums, SubKulture Entertainment threw in one album to make it a total of 4 to represent the four stops in the USA. The team also decided to ship out all the items for us to help For Fans From Fans out!

They didn’t stop there through; when we met with the staff at the Los Angeles stop to give them the albums to ship out to fans, they decided to get the albums signed before the members could even leave the venue. SubKulture Entertainment continues to prove that they are all about the fans and their experience and we are so happy to have been able to collaborate with this amazing team.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and thank you to SubKulture Entertainment for always being supportive of K-POP fans around the world.

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: @neutralcolour@vang_jvang@exSULtation@HaruhiChii

Stay tuned for more giveaways on For Fans From Fans and do not worry, more BTS album giveaways will happen in the future! ^_^