K-POP Collection Lost To A House Fire


On July 22, 2015, For Fans From Fans received an email from a K-POP fan that lost her house to a fire back in May. Her sister and her have been collecting K-POP albums by their favorite groups and in a matter of minutes, they were all destroyed.

SMDLS started her email with, “On May 14 around 4AM I lost my home to a house fire which was caused by an electrical issue.”

She continued, “My sister and I worked extremely hard to get our albums. At the time I was working 2 jobs & my sister was working 1. We weren’t just working for the KPOP Merchandise but we did buy some at any chance we had which was like, once every 3-5 months. It took us so long to have as much Albums we had (it sucks saying that because we DID have it) we treasured those albums so much. It took us 2 years to get that much albums. And to see our hard work gone in front of our eyes was such a put down to us. Losing everything was a major put down.”

We were very saddened after reading this and really wanted to help these girls out. We all know how hard it is to collect K-POP items but these girls saw how fast their items could be gone. She says, “Those albums we bought were pretty much hers and mines bias groups we did anything for them. Well, first we made sure to pay everything that was needed and whatever we had left we would split and buy 1 album each.”

The admins know how these girls feel because we are K-POP fans and it’s not an easy task to keep up with K-POP when we don’t live in Korea. Alexa lost her home to a fire once and it really hurt her to read the message from these girls. Not only that, admin Mari shares her K-POP albums with her sister as well and would be devastated to see them gone in an instant since it is something they collect together and something they share in common.

So, For Fans From Fans stepped in and will be donating a small box of items to help these girls start their collection back. Friends of the admins also stepped in and will be sending in some items they would like to contribute to their collection.

If you would also like to help these girls restore their K-POP collection, send in monetary donation or just give them a message to keep their spirits up, please email us at forfansfromfans@gmail.com and we’ll help you ship out the items as well as, help you send the message.