For Fans From Fans Helped Inspire A Fan To Give Back!


On December 26, 2014, Juliana emailed For Fans From Fans to tell us how we inspired her to give away some of her albums to 11 high school students!

Check out her story below:

Hi For Fans From Fans~

My name is Juliana and I’m from the United States~! I came across your Twitter last month and it gave me a great idea~! I’m part of an organization called Questbridge that helps low income students through the college application process. We made a Kpop Questbridge group for those applicants that…well..loved KPOP~! I noticed that most of people in the group did not own a single Kpop cd and I know how happy Kpop cds made me feel, so I organized a secret event~! I posted in the group that I wanted to send out Kpop themed cards and for them to respond with their favorite groups, albums,and songs. I actually matched each person with a cd and some other goodies~! In some cases they were socks, or cards, or even posters~! I also wrote them cards of encouragement. I was so happy when they got their packages and literally freaked out. I got so many messages about how they weren’t expecting it and how this is their first Kpop cd! I’m glad I was able to do something nice for some very passionate Kpop fans that couldn’t afford to buy cds from korea! This was my Christmas present to myself, since I don’t have a lot of money as well, but in my mind, the warm feeling in my heart is the best gift!

In all, I gave out packages to 11 high school students. I gave away:

  • b1a4 solo day ( with Gongchan p.c and solo day poster
  • SHINee why so serious with Minho socks
  • Ze:A illusion (with ZE:a FIRST HOMME poster)
  • Big Bang Still Alive ( with Gd socks)
  • Big Bang, haru haru ( with Block b VERY GOOD poster)
  • beast mastermind ( with beast poster)
  • EXO miracles in December ( with Luhan p.c. and matching poster)
  • Henry TRAP cd with HENRY Fantastic poster and Yonghwa socks
  • 2pm 1st album ( 1:59 pm ) and top socks
  • Super Junior SPY with small Suju cards
  • infinite destiny with infinite Be Back poster

Thanks for doing what you’re doing! I’m hoping to spread more Kpop cheer in the coming year and maybe buy a cd for myself 🙂

Juli~ ^^
Thank you! We hope we inspire more in the future! If you have any stories to tell us about how you helped fans, email! We’d love to hear all about it.