HypnoticAsia Donated to For Fans From Fans Twice!


HypnoticAsia, a site dedicated to Asian and Asian-American News and Entertainment as well as, covering news around the United States has donated a few items to For Fans From Fans.

The followers of for Fans From Fans can win many of these items in future and current giveaways. The Super Junior “MAMACITA” album is already being given away in our SMTOWN giveaway!

Check out their site HERE and follow them on Twitter as they hold many giveaways to events and even album giveaways through their social media accounts.

They’ve donated:

  • Teen Top’s “EXITO” poster
  • Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” album
  • ToppDogg’s “ANNIE” single album (AUTOGRAPHED by all members)
  • (2) Kero One Albums & Poster autographed!
  • One way autographed album

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