Allkpop donates to For Fans From Fans


ALLKPOP.COM has donated a total of 5 albums to For Fans From Fans’ project.

Allkpop is one of the largest English-language, U.S. based K-POP blog. They update fans on all things K-POP related and even hold giveaways of their own.

They decided to donate 5 albums to For Fans From Fans after taking interest in our project and wanted to also help out fans around the world.

Thank you Allkpop for your great contribution.

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  • SAN.E’s – ‘NOT’ Based On The True Story (Autographed)
  • FIESTAR – Vista (Autographed)
  • GI- Tremendous (Autographed)
  • M.I.B. – Most Incredible Busters (Autographed)
  • Kim Tae Woo – T-Love (Autographed)

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